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Hi there! I just started playing the pokemon tcg a few days ago, but i've been a fan of pokemon for a while. I'm really enjoying the tcg, and i was wondering if you guys could give me a little help with my deck, i would love to maybe join a local league soon, but i'd like to be prepared. any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

21 energy (6 water, 8 grass, 7 psychic)
Milotic C
Eevee (4)
Silcoon (2)
Wurmple (4)
Kakuna (2)
Weedle (4)
Roserade C
Crobat G
Potion (4)
Life Herb
Energy Search (2)
Pokemon Rescue
Lucian's Assignment (2)
Mom's Kindness (2)
Roseanne's research (2)
Volkner's Philosophy
Underground Expedition
For starters, you do have a good skeleton going so far. I would try and focus on one or two general types here, and go from there. For example, Beedrill would be a great focus for the deck. You'd want to have 4 beedrills total in the deck, two of them from the Great Encounters Set, and the other two from Rising Rivals. You would need 4 copies of the rare candy trainer, max out Roseannes, Pokemon Rescue, and Night Maintenance. There's a promo card that you can earn by going to league called Uxie, When you play the card, you draw cards from your deck until you have seven in hand. It's a great draw engine for this deck, as is the Claydol line, but Claydol is a little more expensive, but will soon be a league promo as well. A typical beedrill build runs around 8-10 energy total, which is a little on the lower side for most decks. Most decks run around 14 energy on average. 21 is a little too much for this deck. Trainers and supporters are where the deck should be the most heavy. Volkner's is a good supporter, and 1 or 2 more would work well. If you can get Bebe's Search, grab a playset of those for this deck as well. Once you play the deck with a heavier trainer engine, you'll see how the consistency will go up.

Hope that gave you a little help. If you go to league, try and trade for some of those trainers!
Hey there!

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