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My boyfriend finds it pathetic that 21 yrs old I still collect Pokemon just b/c I think they're cute, but in all honesty, its mostly b/c they remind me of my 6-yr-old little sister who lives on the other side of the country in New York. I plan on putting together a book/binder full of the doubles I get and sending them to her eventually, so that we can have something to talk about once we (me and my boyfriend) get our phone turned back on.
Anyway, I more of a collector, meaning I don't really play the card game b/c I'm 21 and don't have anyone to play with unless you count the neighborhood 10-yr-olds (no offense, anyone) and again, my boyfriend finds it pathetic. So does anyone know where -- online or otherwise -- I might be able to get the original series 1 Pokemon TCG. There's a card shop around here that sells MtG cards, which my boyfriend plays, and a bunch of stuff ranging from InuYasha TCG to the modern-day series of Pokemon cards, but they don't seem to have any of the original series 1 cards, which I find disappointing b/c when they first came out when I was like 9 they used to be worth a lot of money andd I liked to try and get some of the rarer cards for my sister's collection.
Thanks for your help.
I find pkmncollectors to generally be the best place. If there's a TCG league nearish you, you could also check there; sometimes people will trade older stuff. You can also try the trading forums on pokegym.net although most people there are players first and collectors second.
Thank you.
I'll be sure to look at those places.