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I figured I would postthe cards I have for sale here as well =D

Trying something new with my multiple card sales. For my "10 for $4.00" cards...shipping will be *absolutely* FREE! All you pay is the $4.00 for the 10 cards. So...you can choose from This Picture OR!! This Picture (note: the electabuzz, and trainers are gone ^^;, i still have some trainers...but i need to wait and see if a trade is going through or not)

The rest of my cards are:

HOLD POLICY: I hate to have one of these but...due to a few times where I have held things for people and then they either...never pay...or never respond to me...among other things...I decided to add a hold policy. I *will* hold any cards/items for you FOR UP TO ONE WEEK if after that I don't hear from you, etc...I reserve the right to put my card(s) back up for sale where others can buy them if they'd like....Thank you.

NOTE!! Pachirisu is SOLD

Flareon = $4.00

And the Shipping on those above ^ is $1.00 *anywhere* in the world.
did i ever pay you? i remember being confused about the price, and was jsut looking at this. lol 5 bucks. (god i'm a idoit.)
so yes if i never did (which is likely) i'll do that now.
No you didn't ^^

I am sorry for bugging you so much...I was jsut confused and all o_O; because I hadn't heard from you...Sorry if anything I said sounded rude ._.

But yeah...I still have your vaporeon card ^^ and the total is $5 (that is with shipping)

thank you so much for getting to me...i appreciate it tons ^^

the Paypal is: SMITHA876 AT aol DOT com
just curious....are you going to (ever) pay for the card or not =\

If not...please let me know so I can let someone else have the chance of buying it

ok sorry to be a really big major pain in the ass but i don't want that anymore. as i was going through some things i was thinking and yeah.

yes i know, i'm an idoit and you want to punch me in the face right now.
It not so much being a pain in the ass nor do I want to "punch you in the face" it was just gets frustrating when one says "i'll send payment now" and a month goes by and nothing. =\

I didn't mean to sound rude or mean. It was a simple question. Thank you for answering it.
(Deleted comment)
oops xD yeah....the one pictures above is the one I sent you....I just forgot to edit the picture ^^

However...my holo pachirisu promo card is now for sale
(Deleted comment)
it IS! I am not a huge Pachi fan but...I love that promo xD
If they don't sell...you're welcome to them when you can buy again xD